Standard, Vinyl
& Digital

01. My Monstrosity
02. Dancer In The Dark
03. Last Chance
04. Trockenfallen Lassen
05. I Watch My Life On TV
06. Electricity
07. Burning Gasoline
08. I Hope You're Not Easily Scared
2CD ArtBook

Tracks 01 - 08 same as standard
09. Religion
10. The Day Before Everything Breaks Apart
11. Dancer In The Dark
     (The New Division Remix)
12. Last Chance
     (Man Without Country Remix)
13. Dancer In The Dark
     (Club Mix by Olaf Wollschläger)
14. Electricity
     (Unify Separate Remix)
15. My Monstrosity
     (Sydney Valette Remix)
16. Dancer In The Dark
     (Piston Damp Remix)

Burning Gasoline EP
Digital Only

01. Burning Gasoline
     (Club Mix by Olaf Wollschläger)
02. Burning Gasoline
     (Cryo Remix)
03. Dancer In The Dark
     (Piston Damp Remix)
04. Burning Gasoline
     (Album Version)
05. Burning Gasoline
     (NNHMN Remix)

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